… from little things, big things grow.


What is children’s yoga?


Children’s yoga presents a holistic and playful approach to promote and strengthen a child’s personality. Children learn different body postures – so-called asanas – in a non-competitive environment. This not only creates greater body awareness and improves their physical well-being, but also counters the mental and emotional pressures of everyday life. Through yoga, children learn about their own and others’ boundaries. They are allowed to connect with their own emotions, are encouraged to develop empathy for others, and are given tools that help them navigate life’s challenges more easily. All this happens in a playful, creative environment that respects each child’s individuality and developmental stage.

Click here to find out more about asanas for children. What to know what a lesson might look like? Click here for a sample lesson!



Children’s yoga…

 … enhances concentration, posture, breathing and physical coordination.

… promotes empathy, mindfulness and non-violence through role-play.

… prevents and counteracts stress as well as aggressive and transgressive behaviour.

… helps children process experiences and sense self-efficacy.

… fosters social cohesion and is particularly useful for integration groups.

… has been proven to have a positive influence on children with AD(H)D and their environment.

… is suitable for all children from age 3.


Yoga is a gift for life!



Why Antje?


I am fascinated by children’s imagination and innate creativity. The ability to see the remarkable in the ordinary, and to accept the unusual as part of the everyday, is a gift for life! As an experienced and passionate storyteller, I help children tap into and use this strength. My lessons are experience-oriented, letting each child test and improve their mental, physical and emotional competencies. A trusting environment encourages them to try out new things. My magical journeys allow them to experience calmness and a sense of security. And of course, all of this happens in a non-competitive atmosphere, where children are given full rein to their imagination!



My offer


small groups with max. 10 children

age-appropriate lessons that respect each child’s developmental stage


courses made to measure your Kita or school programme


right where the children are – no added stress for kids or parents


in English, German, or bilingual

If you would like me to teach yoga at your KiTa, school or community centre, please contact me to get the conversation started.